Heart-Rate-Monitor Sports Bra(Limited)


Aquatimo moisture-absorbing fibers
1.3D Breathable Fabric on back for better support.
2.3-Stage-Adjustable Hook and Eye.
3.Special yarn enhances comfort and breathability.
4.Integral Forming in order to reduce friction.
5.Non-Slip Design.
6.Reducing Vibration by complete Cladding.
7.Breathable Foam Bra Pad beating Muggy Situation.
8.Austrian Rhinestone Limited Edition.


The product combines heartbeat sensing with a sports bra,Immediately Monitor the Heart-Rate.
New fit sensing technology,Improved and seamless fit technology,Understanding your intensity and state of motion during exercise.

All New Innovation Technology,Integral Forming,Comfortable with Lightweight、Stably Monitor、Immediately Monitor the Heart-Rate.

Made in Taiwan

Aquatimo moisture-absorbing fibers,Fast cooling,Integral Forming.(Aquatimo is the advanced fiber technology developed by tsta)

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Black, Green


L, M, S, XL


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